The following fine folks performed live and on record, and many struggled through a year at our dubious subterranean rehearsal bunker in downtown Vancouver's east side. Shudder. The acoustics in that room were incredible...dark, cavernous reverb...and especially effective on this song, which quickly evolved into the version that we eventually recorded. When we were working out the a capella (as it was then) tag, Curtis had the inspired idea of powering down the p.a. and lights; we sung it by the glow of street lights shining through the purple glass sidewalk tiles that formed part of our ceiling. I like to think of it as a kind of hymn for the people walking, sleeping, floating above us; hearing a cluster of voices buzzing beneath them, rooting themselves briefly to the song.

Mary Ancheta korg cx3 organ, yamaha cp-70 electric grand, jupiter 8, synthetics, glock, bass
Michael Boegh fender telecaster, slides, space echo, rickenbacker 4003
Michaela Galloway lead & b/g vocals, flute, solina string ensemble
Curtis Hobson drum kit, percussion, bells, moog monphonics, roland & solina polyphonics
Clare Kenny b/g vocals, acoustic guitars
Tony Koelwyn drum kit, percussion, jupiter 8, korg cx3, moog monophonics, talman guitars
Dan O'Connel b/g vocals
Paul Siczek engineering, programming, synthetics
Venus percussion
Eric White lead vocals, rickenbacker 4003, moog taurus 1, vcs3, omnichord, theremin, guitars
Wendy Young b/g vocals

Recorded by Paul Siczek, Mike McLean and Eric White Summer 2000 at 1010 Studios, Vancouver CA Additional recording by Eric White (with gizmos & help from Jake Wilson) Spring 2002 at Splinter Republic, Cambridge UK

Mixed by Paul Siczek and Eric White Summer 2001 at 1010 Studios, Vancouver CA Mastered with additional mixing by Jamie Sitar Summer 2002, Suite Sound Labs, Vancouver CA Produced by Paul Siczek and Eric White

Special thanks to Murray Macdonald, all at MHA, and Louise Thornton for their extraordinary patience and support; to Mike and Jamie, the MI Buddhas; to Louise for images and photos, Catherine and Mom for photos; to Scott Walker, for collaboration & piano; to Chris Storrow for gear and grace; to Seamus Kealy and Megan Danderfer for live paintings; to Jane Partner for inspired sound sculpting; and to our friends and families in Canada and England whose love and encouragement makes it, finally, music.

Many recurring songs have been recorded, some are still being crafted, whilst others await overdubs and/or mixing. I'm still busy with research and writing for the foreseeable, so the process will be slow - but have faith. In the meantime, love and dixie.