Quiddity Records

Quiddity Records is the label started by Mike and Dan in '95, about 6 months before Drive-In Records was started. The label continued through '97, releasing 10 records. Most of the records are sold out, one is still available, and some of the sold out records were later included on compilations.

Quiddity Records are sold through microindie mailorder

quid10 (sold out)

the Cat's Miaow

I Can't Help But Love You 7"

new material recorded August '96

700 copies




Lost & Found/Cold Wind 7"

750 copies


quid008  (sold out)

Brincando de Deus

Playing God 7"

600 copies


quid007/drive03 (sold out)

the Electrosonics cd e.p.

1000 copies


quid006 (sold out)

Buddha on the moon

On Holiday 7"

600 copies


quid005 (sold out)

Super Falling Star

Someday 7"

500 copies (numbered hand drawn sleeves)


quid004 (sold out)

the Cat's Miaow

This Is All I Ever Wanted 7"

500 copies


quid003 (sold out)

Madison Electric

s/t 7"

900 copies


quid002 (sold out)

Pencil Tin

Poignant 7"

800 copies


quid001 (sold out)

the Cat's Miaow

I Kept All Your Letters 7"

1000 copies

Quiddity Records

c/o microindie records

2544 Wyoming SW

Wyoming, MI 49509

email mike at microindie dot com