Air Formation
Ends in Light

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Ends In Light

Of course it's the easiest trick in the book. You hear songs awash with layer upon layer of lush guitar textures and reach for your big book of blissed out metaphor. AIR FORMATION sidestep such tired clichés with deceptive ease. What makes these songs amount to considerably more is the same thing that makes any truly memorable song. A neat line in concise melody that lends structure to their monumental washes of sound (there we go again) and a voice-as-instrument vocal delivery that charms by being far better than it thinks it is.

"ENDS IN LIGHT" is the sound of a band grown up way past the frontal assault of their eponymous 2000 debut. Carving out a space in their previously favoured wall of distortion and delay has allowed Air Formation to evolve a dazzling array of sonic texture and colour. The assurance that radiates from these songsâ gleaming, perfectly crafted surfaces is matched 100% by a growing emotive depth.

Their ever more assured grasp of musical dynamics lends their songwriting a strength and subtlety that will surely see them become serious contenders. "Ends in Light" is the opening salvo of their campaign. The power of a caress outstrips that of a punch yet again. But you knew that already, didn't you?

-James Slattery 2002

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