Chapter 13
The World From Heaven CD

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The World from Heaven

The World From Heaven. An index of possibilities. In which a former DIY Porn Star and a disgraced ex-Melody Maker journalist come together to bring you nine waking dreams, nine snapshots from the big picture.

Including the singles "Crisco Disco" (released in the UK on Bad Jazz and the recipient of enthusiastic John Peel airplay) and "Plan K" (first and last release of the former Marble Index incarnation). With the addition of seven new slices of pure synth indulgence, The World From Heaven takes the current vogue for analogue revivalism to delicious extremes.

Chapter13 prostrates itself before another pop aristocracy. Giorgio Moroder..Amanda Lear..Visage..'Telekon'-era Gary Numan..the Ultravox of 'Rage In Eden'..anything produced by Martin Rushent.

Call it Post-Punk, Synthpop, Electro, HiNRG. Choose your poison. For Chapter13 it's about making the correct music for the here-and-now. This album is their blueprint.

The world from heaven. A new agenda for 2002. To dream a world where Beatles-Nirvana-Oasis never happened. Where tedious rock hierachies are ground into the dust. As night closes in the stars come out. A new Boystown. A new Modern Dance. At your service. For your pleasure.

Release date Valentine's Day 2002. A co-release with Saltwater Records.

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