Air Formation
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Air Formation - EP

Is shoegazer music dead? As a marketing term, “shoegazer” was probably dead a few minutes after the first band was labeled as such. As a descriptive term you still seem to hear it quite often. As a genre of music, there are many bands out there which could be labeled as shoegazers or have elements of the original shoegazer sound in their songs. Is Air Formation a shoegazer band? Maybe. They have something in common soundwise with the classic shoegazer bands like Ride, Slowdive, MBV, Flying Saucer Attack and the lesser known bands like Jupiter, Secret Shine and Blind Mr. Jones, without sounding like any one of them exclusively.

Will you like Air Formation? If you like any of the bands namedropped above, probably. If you don’t know the bands or don’t like them, maybe. Or maybe not. Air Formation have taken the music they love a step further, call it shoegazer, call it dreampop, call it whatever you like.

Air Formation is from Brighton, England. This is their first proper release although they have a self-released 7” under the name B.E.A.B. Approved, Hold Fire/Dark Eyes, a limited pressing of 250 on vinyl. Besides that they have a track on a compilation by the label Isonauta, released in France.

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