Chapter 13
Crisco Disco 7"

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100% Guitar-less and proud of it, CRISCO DISCO wears its synthpop colours with pride. A pristine slice of triumphalist flash made from equal measures of GIORGIO MORODER, VISAGE & CLASSIC ITALO NRG, not to mention a hefty dose of simple arrogant conceit.

ELEMENT 4 repays a long overdue debt of gratitude to the Pop end of the early 80s Cold Wave. An heroic bid to rehabilitate the immaculately chilly string textures of early OMD/ULTRAVOX and scale the stratosphericheights of 'THE ASSOCIATES' "White Car in Germany".

Crisco Disco is taken from the forthcoming album THE WORLD FROM HEAVEN. Nine slices of shamelessly indulgent synth luxury, to be co-released by Saltwater/drive In Records.

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