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A Little Help For East Timor CD


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A compilation cd with all profits going to Community Aid Abroad, a charity working to help provide for basic human needs in East Timor.

THE STEINBECKS - Melbourne, Australia
"Are you guys into wings? pt 2" is from their CD Recorded Music Salon. "All That Is Ahead Is The Future" is previously unreleased and was recorded by the original line-up in 1995.

THE LUCKY LADYBUGS - Melbourne, Australia / New York, US
The Lucksmiths were joined by the Ladybug Transistor to record "Even Stevens" in New York on the Lucksmiths' tour of the US, late 1999.

THE CANNANES - Sydney, Australia
"Population~2" was previously released on a split 12" with Timonium on Blackbean & Placenta. "Commitment" was previously on the b-side of the single "Fine Line," released by Harriet Records. Both songs have been specially remixed for this compilation.

HYDROPLANE - Melbourne, Australia
The original version of "Grand Central" can be found on Hydroplane's CD/LP Hope Against Hope, released by drive-In Records and Bad Jazz Records (UK). "World Without You" was recorded especially for this compilation.

"Anyone Else Isn't You" is previously unreleased and was originally recorded by the Field Mice. "Losing" was originally released as a single in 1996 on Quiddity Records.

"Up All Day" can be found on their CD "Make Love To You," released by Shelflife Records.

THE AUTOCOLLANTS - Rancho Cucamonga, US
This version of the Cat's Miaow song "Aurora" was originally released on the "Gas Money" cassette in 1998. Remixed & remastered by Jon Chaikin at NonStopSound Studios.

ROBERT COOPER - Melbourne, Australia
A previously unreleased acoustic version of a song from a single released on Library records.

EVEN AS WE SPEAK - Sydney, Australia
"Until Tomorrow Comes" is previously unreleased.

HUON - Melbourne, Australia / ALASTAIR GALBRAITH - Dunedin, New Zealand
This version of 60's folk singer Phill Ochs song "Crucifixion" was recorded during Alastair Galbraith's brief Melbourne tour in 1999. Previously unreleased.

PENCIL TIN - Melbourne, Australia
"Poignant" & "In Dreams" come from a long out of print single released on Quiddity Records in 1995.

THE SINGING BUSH - Sydney, Australia
"Do What You Say" was originally on the split single "Tonight's Features," the first release on drive-In Records.

MJ12 - Brea, California, US
"Lost & Found" was originally released as a single on Quiddity Records.

THE SHAPIROS - Washington DC, US
"Paris Kiss" was originally on the split single "Tonight's features" released by drive-In Records.

"Heavy Petal" was originally released as a single by Quiddity Records.

SUPER FALLING STAR - Melbourne, Australia
"Shipwrecked" was originally on the "Someday" single released by Quiddity Records.

THE CAT'S MIAOW - Melbourne, Australia
"Neu Monotonic FM" was recorded in 1993 as a tongue-in-cheek homage to Stereolab. For the past five years Mike Babb of drive-In Records has nagged the band to release it. Now, against the band's better judgement they've finally agreed.

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