The Clientele/Clock Strikes Thirteen
"The Clientele/Clock Strikes Thirteen split 7""

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Continuing the tradition started with our 2nd ever Drive-In release, the Clientele and Clock Strikes Thirteen cover each other for this unique transatlantic split single. In a show of mutual appreciation, The Clientele perform "Six Foot Drop" from the debut CST single, and CST in turn perform their version of The Clientele's first-ever release "We Could Walk Together." Each band puts their own distinctive stamp on their renditions through their arrangements and instrumentation, sure to surprise those listeners familiar with the original versions and enchanting even those who aren't. Instead of "A" and "B", the sides are labeled "Autumn" and "Fall" in reference to the fact that each song's lyrics allude to the end of summer. But we couldn't wait to release it and are certain that it can be enjoyed all year-round.

It seems like everyone knows about London's Clientele with their trail of sold-out singles and recent Merge cd/compilation. Philadelphia's Clock Strikes Thirteen have also released a number of well-received singles and a full-length cd on Drive-In. Both bands share comparisons to Galaxie 500, the Byrds and the Velvet Underground, but each band carve out their own distinctive sound from a wider variety of influences that will sustain many more wonderful songs yet to come.

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