Munch (Part Two) Video Compilation
Video of Various Bands


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Season Records, Australia has allowed us to manufacture and distribute the NTSC VHS copies in the US. If you need a PAL VHS format, please contact Dave Harris at:

Bands on the video: Newell, Magnetic Fields(twice), Automatics, Ropers, Allen Clapp, the Singing Bush, Kickstand, Cannanes, Pastel Collision, MJ12(Majestic 12), Buddha on the moon, Caramel, Moving Pictures, Pencil Tin, Legendary Jim Ruiz Group, Greenhouse 27, A House, Lemon Curd, Small World Experience, Suretoss, Hula Boy, Rocketship, Die 5 Freunde, the Cat's Miaow, Juniper, Po!, La Buena Vida and Hydroplane. 29 videos, approx 1:35 running time...

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