The Cat's Miaow
Songs for Girls to Sing


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This compilation cd includes 4 previously unreleased tracks as well as everything from the out of print, sold out releases. 1000 Blue Sleeve Copies, 500 Green Sleeve Copies. Sold out, might be repressed eventually...

Track Listing:

Hollow Inside, Make a Wish, Light the Beacon, Not Like I Was Doing Anything, You Left a Note on the Table, Baby I Love You, You Know It's True, Seventeen, What Time is it There?, I Can't Sleep Thinking You Hate Me, I Fall To Pieces, Let Me Brush the Hair From Your Face, Portland Oregon, One of Us is in the Wrong Place, Stay, Smitten, Right Back Where We Started From, Do You Think It Will Snow Tonight, The Others Way, Shoot the Moon, Firefly, Barney and Me, Millions of Tiny Lights, L.A. International Airport, If Things Had Been Different, Crying, Don't Worry This Isn't About You, Nothing Can Stop Us, Peut-etre Que Rien Jamais, Laisses-moi Froler Cheveux De Ton Visage, Revant De Toi, Troiseme Etage.

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